Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday husband!

Well, it's my husband's birthday and so it is thus time for a cake.  His first birthday as a married man, I did not decorate cakes, and he wanted brownies. so that was that.  Then, the next year, I did decorate cakes, but had started working and so his cake didn't get the time it needed and fell apart.  literally.  saddest dr pepper can ever.  So, this year, I wanted to make sure he got something nicer than last year...which really could have been anything.  I asked him what he wanted.  "whatever, I trust your judgement."  Ok...well, what flavor would you like, anything at all!  It's summer, it's good fruit season, anything you want!  "eh, that cake you made for my coming home from SERE training was good, I want that."  .......alright, well then I'll make it square, since I've never done that, and I just got new square pans that I couldn't wait to try!  On top of that, I found super cool candles, so I don't feel quite as inadequate :)

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