Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be on the lookout!

No, there is no one after you.  I don't think...I can't honestly be too sure.  However, do be on the lookout for my baking blog 'confections of a bakeaholic' back up and running!  I had been avoiding it because I couldn't come up with a good way to design it, and I didn't want an ugly blog!  Well folks, it won't be ugly for much longer!  I'm getting a Mandy designed blog!  She designs really cute and fun blogs and usually a percentage of her proceeds benefits a different charity each month.  This month is her birthday month though, and so she's running a deal that all (that's right 100%) of the proceeds benefit the MS Society bike ride that she participates in every year!  You can get anywhere from a blog button to a full on blog makeover, and you'll be donating money to a very worthy cause!  If you're a master blog designer yourself and don't really want a supercool blog, you can just donate any amount of money here, but why wouldn't you want something designed by her.  We need to keep Mandy busy, because she just has too much time on her hands.  Between running Survival Mode Parent, participating in Awana nights at her church, working full time, being a wife and supporting her husband as his TaeKwonDo tournaments, she just doesn't have much to do!  I am of course being sarcastic, she sets an amazing example that I surely admire, so I coulnd't imagine donating to anyone else!  So, go check out her blog and I'll of course announce when my baking blog is pretty!  It's gonna be good!

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