Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More recipes

The baby shower cake I previously posted about was made up of the mom-to-be’s favorite flavors.  Lemon and Chocolate.  Not together, although she was pregnant…so who knew what she actually meant.  I didn’t think that there was any reason why she shouldn’t get to have both, so I made the citrus cake and the best ever chocolate cake.  Both had a raspberry buttercream filling and a plain buttercream frosting.  I will now bequeath unto you my favorite (so far) buttercream filling recipe. 

Fluffy Buttercream (a-la

3/4 C. egg whites (pasteurized or about 5 lg eggs)
2 C. shortening
1/2 C. butter (softened a little and cut into pieces)
4-5 C. powdered sugar
2 Tbs desired flavoring
2 Tbs milk or heavy cream

Whip the whites slowly at first until they get foamy, add flavor, and increase speed to medium
Start adding 1C of powdered sugar slowly
Keep whipping until meringue is shiny and stiff
With mixer in medium start adding shortening and butter a bit at a time.  (at the beginning the mixture will look weird and kind of lumpy, that's normal)
Change mixer to high and mix until your buttercream looks homogenous and fluffy (5-15 min.)
Start adding sugar by 1/2 C.
Add the 2 Tbs of milk, and keep whipping until the sugar is well incorporated (5 more min)

Now, to make this a raspberry filling, you can either add a couple tablespoons of raspberry preserves, or chopped up fresh berries.  You can of course substitute any berry you’d like.  I won’t get mad at you.  I’m just gonna say that raspberry goes so well with everything…as does strawberry, but raspberry just feels more sophisticated.  I don’t know why.

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