Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning

Well, because sister Maria said that it's a very good place to start, and she knows what she's talking about. It was a warm and rainy afternoon in the summertime (it actually was!) just after we moved into our new apartment and I was out running errands at Michael's craft store. Since it was raining, I thought I'd just hang out inside the store until it let up a little. (Never a good idea in a craft store...but the only other option was Target next door, which could be worse) As I was wandering up and down the aisles, I came to a little corner tucked away from everything else. The contents of this aisle was to forever change my life, and thus began my story. (There really should be sound, so I could imput some sappy beginning credits theme here) There, hanging on the wall of the cake/candy/cookie decorating aisle, were flyers for 50% off Wilton cake decorating courses for the month of July! Well, who can pass up a sale on a class they'd been interested in taking!? Not me! So, with flyer in hand, and a song in my heart I signed up for course one. (Actually, I took it home and talked to my husband about it first, and then went back to the store, but that doesn't sound as poetic.) The next 5 months of my life I spent devoted to learning the craft of cake decorating in accordence to the the ways of Wilton. I never expected to fall in love with the art of cake decorating the way that I did. I just hoped to meet some people and make friends while in this new place, and expected to pick up a new hobby. Instead, I discovered a new passion that I am hoping to become a profession. I can't learn enough, practice enough, design enough, or talk enough about cakes. Just ask my husband. He rolls his eyes everytime he sees that I'm watching Ace of Cakes or the Cake Challege shows, or when I read cake books like they're the next New York Times bestseller. (It's ok, I do the same when he's talking about airplanes or computer games) So, I thought I'd begin a blog of how-tos, showcase what I'm working on, bounce ideas off of whoever wants to read this, and showcase other projects and products that I think are amazing (I have a link to cake wrecks if you want to see other things)

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